Links: World breast-size map is created to complement penis map

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World Breast Map

Last week, a map of the world's penis sizes took the internet, uh, by the balls. Now, of course, we have the companion piece: the world boob map!

In business news, everyone officially hates Groupon, especially the businesses whose products the site sells. I do too, mostly because of the dumb clumsy portmanteau of a name. 

Tom Ford thinks it's never, ever acceptable to wear shorts. Even when it's hot as hell. You can just never do it. 

A rather depressing compilation of tattoos on MTV's teen moms. It just goes to show, when you're sixteen, you're too young to make any decision with lifelong consequences. 

And finally, the cobra that escaped from the Bronx zoo has a Twitter feed. Obviously. And it's out to get Rebecca Black.