Christine O'Donnell

Gawker published a story today called "I had a one-night stand with Christine O'Donnell." Whether it's true or not, it's a pretty hilarious read. 

Conan O'Brien wants to be the Barack Obama of the late-night talk-show host world. Or at least, super web-savvy. He's now released an online only trailer for his online only preview to the new season of his show, which, I'm pretty sure, will take place on honest-to-God television. 

One the web-friendly front, Nokia has released a surprisingly webby new spot showing off its new smartphone camera, starring Ed Westwick, Dev Patel, and Pamela Anderson.  

And finally, Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel rampage, in adorable Taiwanese animation. 

Commentarium (12 Comments)

Oct 28 10 - 9:39pm

re: Christine O'Donnell - there are a lot of women screaming "foul" and playing the "girl-card." I don't buy it. Go back to Gary Hart...look at the muck they dragged Clinton through on his personal sex life. . .

So, hey, man-up Christine. It's called Politics.

And, just be thankful you were wearing a ladybug costume and not a witch costume that year.

And, to all the females crying foul (Meghan M. screaming loudest), chill. This is what equal rights is all about. You let someone take pics of you in a ladybug costume, you crawl into bed with them and create a weird relationship, you run for's public fodder.

Oct 28 10 - 10:18pm

To be fair, both Gary Hart and Clinton were cheating on their wives. Christine is single, and didn't even have sex with this guy (according to his own story). Can you name an unmarried male politician that was shamed for a consensual heterosexual dalliance? There is a certain stench coming from this article that I just don't like.

Oct 28 10 - 10:27pm

Bill Clinton was married, and hooked up with his intern.

I *still* don't think that should have become public fodder -- but even so, it's clearly a very difference circumstance.

I don't support Christine O'Donnell. I think she represents everything that is wrong with American politics. But she didn't deserve this -- to have extremely personal details about her body posted all over the internet like this.

I sure hope we don't think that anyone who runs for office deserves to have every one of their past indiscretion -- every night they had a little too much to drink, every hook-up -- made public this way. No one but prudes will want to run for office if that's the case -- and we'll all be worse off.

Although I do think there are some gender-issues at play here, at the end of the day I don't think this is about gender. I don't want to know every last detail of some male politician's consensual sexual encounter, either.

p.s. If I were O'Donnell, I would name the "anonymous" jerk in question, so he never gets another date again. Who would want to sleep with someone who so clearly kisses and tells? (And is also such a clear self-absorbed jackass, but that's another story.)

Oct 29 10 - 12:41am

Her personal life was called into question the moment she got all holier-than-thou about sex and masturbation. If she's a hypocrite, voters deserve to know.

Oct 29 10 - 8:49am

Point #1: A woman's sex life should not be a matter of debate when she's running for office (or doing anything else); Point #2: The sex lives of members of the public should not be legislated by politicians; Point #3: If you talk about violating point #2, don't expect anyone to cry for you when people violate point #1.

Oct 29 10 - 10:06am

"man up" Christine. If you can play gender stereotype games (eg. insinuating your opponent was gay) we can too.

If a man's "manliness" is a matter of debate, then a woman's "womanliness" is too.

On top of it, this celibacy fanatic is a total hypocrite. We always knew she was overcompensating, and was probably a tawdry sex fiend.

Oct 29 10 - 12:36pm

Interesting that her campaign's response doesn't deny any of it.

This is a legitimate story (though the non-waxing business is offensive and irrelevant) because O'Donnell has made her sexuality (or lack thereof) into a campaign issue. You won't see any stories like this about Carly Fiorina or Kirsten Gillibrand, for example, because they're not playing the "family values" card. The story here is the hypocrisy, not the sex. The sex just happens to be what the hypocrisy is about, just like with Meg Whitman the story was about the hypocrisy of banging the illegal-alien drum while hiring one herself.

Oct 29 10 - 12:52pm

Agree with the above that the relevancy of marriage is a non-issue -- O'Donnell made sex an issue and so now we get a glimpse into her apparent dysfunctional personal sex life. If she weren't wanting to legislate sex to others, it wouldn't matter.

While I wish that married or unmarried politician's sex lives were not part of the public discourse, they are. And, women will get the same treatment guys do -- all dirty laundry gets aired. Remember the constant drumroll of Clinton's "I didn't inhale." This is pretty similar turf. Welcome to the one place in the real world Christine where men and women are treated equally, politics.

It's too bad this story broke so late, otherwise, I could see a run on Ladybug costumes this year.

Oct 29 10 - 1:37pm

The relevance of this information is tenuous at best. The whole thing comes across as a guy who is still angry all these years later for being rejected. If anything, the story makes O'Donnell look just a little less hypocritical because she actually stuck to her principles under circumstances where most of us would have surrendered to temptation, and long before she had any idea she would be in the national spotlight.
From this man's prospective, this guy is just being a jerk and a cad for writing about this publicly when O'Donnell is abandoned even by her own party and is unlikely to get anywhere near the US Senate other than as part of a tour group.

Oct 29 10 - 1:54pm

If you think "loose morales = welfare babies" that does not mean you're a "hypocrite" if you get drunk and make out with some guy.

Oct 29 10 - 2:33pm

I think the ladies are mostly right, although this is pretty tame stuff - and she didn't screw the guy, Kiss and tell is always unclassy. She actually seems sort of sweet and maybe even fun. She also seems approximately mindless and not only wouldn't I vote for her for dogcatcher, I wouldn't even hire her as assistant mgr at a fast food joint. "Ordinary people" might well serve with distinction in the senate, but not idiots.

Oct 29 10 - 5:33pm
Bouche Dag

That O'Donnell story was a waste of time; "So, uh, I met this older woman that turned out to be a politician-type and, uh, we kissed and, uh, nothing happened." Wow. Riveting. You're bragging about not fucking someone and then calling it a 'one night stand', excuse me while I grab a chair so you can tell me another, Aesop.