Listen to Mitch Hedberg’s little-known Jimmy John’s ads

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Mitch Hedberg

Last Thursday was the seventh anniversary of the death of very funny, very spacey comedian Mitch Hedberg, and if you're like me, you're still in mourning. (Especially given the lame April Fool's Day Facebook statuses your friends are passing off as humor today.) But luckily, the interwebs have compiled six minutes of radio spots Hedberg once did for Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, so you can go ahead and add some more material to your YouTube playlist of duck and escalator jokes.

Though the second half of the spots is a little stale (hey-o), the first three minutes have great Hedberg riffs on drunk people, fake cavities, and monopolies. And yes, these are all topics he arrives at while shilling Jimmy John's. Sure, Hedberg may be out there, but it's baffling that the sandwich shop didn't snag one of his lines as a slogan, seeing as "We've got plenty of food for drunks" and "We love people with real teeth and dentures" are obvious cash cows.

So listen, reminisce, and think twice before taking Mitch's advice on that Jimmy John's cologne.