Louis C.K. just answered a bunch of questions on Reddit

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It's probably safe to say that Louis C.K. is the best comedian working today. People may have their specific preferences—there's no accounting for one's comedic taste, as evidenced by the ratings of Two and a Half Men or NBC deciding to renew Whitney—but no one's generating the nearly-overwhelming amount of brilliant material Louis C.K. is. Whereas other comedians spend countless sets developing bits and perfecting just the right wording of a particular joke, Louis has been spending the last few years simply spouting off completely-formed chunks of comedy, putting it out there, forgetting about it, and moving on.

His latest comedic landslide is a one-hour special called Live at the Beacon Theater, and it's available to download and/or stream at his web site for the low, low price of $5. (If the out-takes are any indication, you're not going to find a better deal anywhere.) As part of his Internet-based promotion to get people to buy the special, he spent a few hours today over at Reddit answering any and all questions sent his way. To get a sense of the Q&A, here's a question from an inquisitive soul who once worked as his PA, asking him whatever happened that time the girl in the audience tried to have sex with him. His response was, predictably, hilarious:

haha. i remember that. are you female? Because the funny thing is I remember there was a young working woman standing there with a walkie on her hip as this kind of desperate (not uncute) young girls is openly offering to fuck me. I remember the juxtoposition. When you're a dad, you see every grown female, especially young ones, as possible models for your daughter's future. I remember thinking that I would never let this working woman down by fucking this chick between shows. Plus I don't do that.
anyway maybe it wasn't you. are you sure you're not the woman who offered to blow me?
How has it changed?
I don't really hang around after shows. I bolt.
I think the idea of fucking someone who just watched you perform is… it's just not me. I mean, keep trying ladies. You never know! Maybe next time there won't be a well adjusted and bright young woman acting as my concious and ruining what may have been a terrificly depressing blowjob!

The entire thing, obviously, is worth a read.