Louis C.K.’s upcoming comedy special available only on his website

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Stand-up comic Louis C.K., star of F.X.'s Louie and unlikely object of lust for thousands of nebbishy, self-loathing young women (no joke, just ask them), will make his next comedy special available online only, he told Conan O'Brien on his show last Thursday. "It's not going to be on NBC, Netflix, iTunes, or anything," he told Conan about his next big performance, which will be at the New York Comedy Festival Nov. 10. "Go on my website, it's five bucks. Paypal. That's the only way you can see it." The show will stream on his website starting Dec. 10.

With this latest venture, C.K. appears to be catering to those who will shell out five bucks to watch an overweight, flame-haired man tell jokes about hating his children, and being sexually humiliated by an octogenarian. Judging by the ratings for his FX show, which peaked at 1.57 million viewers last season, this appears to be a fairly substantial demographic. Basically, the only difference is that Louie airs on TV at 11:00 p.m., which ensures little network TV competition. On the Internet, he'll be competing in the same time slot as blogs, porn, and…well, I know there are people who do things on the Internet other than blog and watch porn, but I doubt most C.K. fans are among them. 

C.K. also told Conan Thursday night he's aware that this business model might not make him any money, but, he says, "it's more fun that way." Still, even if it doesn't rake in the cash, he's got at least one assured viewer — as one of the legions of nebbishy, self-loathing young women crushing on Louis C.K., I'll definitely be tuning in.