Man busted for bigamy after posting wedding photos on Facebook

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You probably wouldn't think twice about posting your wedding photos on Facebook. Richard Leon Barton Jr. certainly didn't. But when you marry your second wife without divorcing, or even telling, your first one, common sense would advise against it.

After Barton unfriended his first wife, a Rhode Island native, on the social network (always a telltale sign of marital doom), she became suspicious of his infidelity. After a bit more snooping she uncovered photos of him marrying someone that wasn't her, all the way out in Michigan, no less. Busted. 

Barton has now been arrested on charges of bigamy and faces up to four years in prison. He's also now the poster child for checking (and double-checking) your privacy settings, or, you know, not putting potentially incriminating photographs on the internet in the first place.