Mark Zuckerberg visits China, adds 1.3 billion people to friends list

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Chinese bloggers got an exciting surprise this week when famous internet billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was spotted hanging out in Shanghai, where he's been vacationing with his probably-rich-and-pretty girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. But Zuckerberg's not just there for the soup dumplings; he also met with the head of China's biggest search engine, Baidu, which will give you excellent directions to the Great Wall but gets awfully cagey when you search for "Tiananmen Square." It's been speculated that Baidu and Zuckerberg were in talks over a potential partnership. 

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009, because it's deemed politically insensitive. The CCP's internet-censorship system has been dubbed "The Great Firewall of China." (Get it? Because of the Great Wall of China? I referenced it like four lines ago.) Regardless, Facebook analysts say the chances of breaking into the Chinese market are relatively slim; it looks like those 1.3 billion people may have to settle for Twitter. Just kidding, of course Twitter is banned. #bummer