Mark Zuckerberg’s Friendster profile turns up seven years later

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Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

It took some digging, but someone finally dug up Mark Zuckerberg's Friendster profile, which he created back in 2003. For anyone who has seen The Social Network (or, really, anyone fascinated by the incredible rise of our youngest-ever billionaire), this provides the missing piece in a life in which opportunity met ambition head on and changed the way we, you know, pretend to communicate with people.

Mark Zuckerberg's Friendster profile

The Facebook founder has faced harsh criticism about the social networking site's privacy issues, but none of his own close-guarded secrets are, well, closely-guarded here: he loves Asian girls and coding and hates books.

Actually, there are some key notes here that round his mysterious yet beguiling personality. Let's see if you saw what I saw:

# Other education: i go to harvard but i play at stanford

# Affiliations: team squid

# What I enjoy doing: coding, guitar, asian girls, squid, in n out, defeating nemeses, quoting top gun, bad life decisions

# Favorite Books: i don't read

# Favorite Music: whatever my computer plays for me

# About Me: i support the free flow of information

# Who I Want to Meet: gwen stefani?