MC Hammer has his very own search engine now, and it’s called “WireDoo”

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MC Hammer

'90s icon MC Hammer has re-fashioned himself as a search engine mogul because, well… just because. At this week's Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Hammer announced the launch of a new search engine, "WIREDoo," that he believes will eventually be a serious competitor with Google.

Explaining his support for the project, Hammer described WIREDoo's unique capabilities to provide "relationship search" and the hyper-sexual-sounding "deep search." Unfortunately this isn't as exciting as it sounds, and actually means that search results will be tied to data relationships, i.e. a search for "car" bringing up information on insurance, mileage, etc.

Hammer chose not to address the fact that this service more or less already exists, in the form of simply Googling a full sentence question, but we still wish him the best of luck on his latest venture. Here's hoping WIREDoo at least has the capability to correctly answer the all-important "what time is it?" search correctly. Hint: the results should exclusively come back as "Hammertime."