“Men’s Health” claims more women are using Facebook to seduce men

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Facebook pickup

Men's Health has a story out now about how they interviewed 3,000 people and discovered some "surprising" and even "rather worrying statistics" about how people using Facebook to lie to their significant others and seduce others.

Among their findings:

24% say they keep their relationship listed as "single" or don't list at all to "keep their options open"

24% say they have used Facebook to flirt with someone other than their current monogamous partner

59% admit to being jealous over their boyfriend or girlfriend's public comments on other people's Facebook pages, including a large chunk of people who have never been jealous about anything before

29% have gotten into an argument over something they've done on Facebook — more than 40% say their boyfriend/girlfriend was correct to suspect something untoward

17% check an ex's Facebook page on a weekly basis

For more creeptastic figures, read the rest of the story at Men's Health.