Meryl Streep goofs around as a sex therapist for Lisa Kudrow’s webseries

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Lisa Kudrow and Meryl Streep webseries

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Molly Shannon, Selma Blair, Jane Lynch and now the great Meryl Streep have all joined the rotating cast of Lisa Kudrow's internet series Web Therapy. The show, which has been through four mini seasons on L Studio (a Lexus venture), is finally coming to your TV boxes via Showtime… but not before Streep banged out her first performance for internet broadcast: a three-part, wholly-improvised gem of a storyline about Kudrow, as the titular therapist, supposedly helping Streep's space-cadet sex healer help Kudlow's husband… or something.

Since it's all made up as they go along, it's amazing to watch and realize this is still better than 99% of scripted YouTube "comedy" videos. 

Here's my favorite of the three (you can watch them in order here, thanks to Urlesque, or go to the official site.)

Just another example of someone turned down by Saturday Night Live for not being a great standup but turning out to be brilliant at improv.