Mitt Romney ads may be coming to a Twitter near you

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Recently, while reading eloquent tweets from Kanye West and hashtagging my hate of new Facebook, I've found myself thinking, "You know what would make this social media experience even better? Political spots. I'd really love to have one more destination where I can't escape them." Well, the Twitter gods have finally answered my prayers. Peter Greenberger, formerly of Google, is heading a project to bring campaign ads to Twitter.

The ads will appear within the week and, though Twitter won't disclose its customers, Mitt Romney is believed to be one of the first candidates to enter this new venture.

The ads would work similarly to "promoted" items on the site. Rather than pushing Charlie's Angels to the top of Trends or recommending you follow Subway, Twitter would have Mitt's smiling mug appear on your account. In accordance with the Federal Election Commission rules, these ads would include disclaimers and a special purple "promoted" icon to identify their political ties.

Advertising on Twitter should help millions of Americans make informed decisions come November of next year because, really, if our president can't confine his/her idiotic and incendiary comments to 140 characters, we can't expect them to run our nation.