Moms storm Facebook office to protest network “ban” of breastfeeding photos

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There's a lot of shit that you probably wish would be banned on Facebook: your aunt's Farmville invitations, your middle school best friend's photos of her third-grader performing as Orphan #3 in her class production of Annie, and your co-workers status updates comparing Obama to Hitler. Photos of moms breastfeeding their kids, however, definitely doesn't make the list. Today, dozens of moms gathered in front of Facebook's office in Austin to protest the social network's ban on breastfeeding photos, which the company argues complies with their strict policy against nudity. 

Although Facebook technically allows new moms to post photos of themselves breastfeeding, the pictures are nonetheless often banned by the network, which requires users to cover their breasts (or, as one Facebook spokesperson puts it, "an exposed breast that is not being used for feeding…violates our terms"). Consequently, moms are up in arms about the breastfeeding ban, staging and planning "nurse-in" protests outside Facebook offices in cities across the globe (also, the moms call themselves "lactivists," which is uproariously funny, so for those of you keeping score at home, that's Breastfeeding Moms 1, Facebook 0). 

The protests have garnered a fair amount of media attention, and sympathetic staff members at the offices have even come down to bring hats and bottles for the babies in attendance (all together now: awwwwwww). But the whole thing is so ridiculous that it really just makes you wanna grab Mark Zuckerberg, shake him by the shoulders, and tell him what singer Cassie said after her nude photos were leaked on the Internet a few years ago: "Stop acting like you haven't seen a titty before."