You’re most likely to get dumped between now and Christmas, according to Facebook study

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A year's worth of break-ups from Facebook graph

David McCandless — graphic designer, author and obsessive data collector — analyzed over 10,000 break-ups, based on changes in Facebook status, over the course of a year in an impressive act of science / cyber-stalking. The results, graphed above, paint a very collegiate picture of the break-up cycle. 

According to the survey, you are least likely to be dumped on Christmas Day, but also most likely to be dumped between now, the first of November and Christmas. Most people start off the summer single, but there's also a huge spike in the spring, around Spring Break. Most relationship changes are announced on Mondays, perhaps because a lot of dating, and dumping, takes place on the weekends prior.

Whether this study adjusts for people who take a few, mourning weeks to adjust their statuses, or for those of us who can't even what our statuses are, I don't know. Still, 10,000 is a decent sample size; we should probably all be extra nice to our boy- and girlfriends between now and the new year, just in case.