Motorola mocks Apple’s design in new Super Bowl ad

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Apple ad mockingg

Apple has been getting more than the usual amount of criticism from other tech companies recently. And mostly, those other companies have been using classic Apple ad campaigns to do it. A new Motorola ad that's set to run during the Super Bowl will make fun of Apple — interestingly enough, for having old-fashioned design. 

The ad they're mocking, however, is based on an ad Apple created years ago. This follows those T-mobile ads, where the cute lady in the pink shirt makes fun of the iPhone — nearly exact replicas of John Hodgman and Justin Long standing in front of a white backdrop. 

While some people are surely more than a little pleased to see Apple — with its smug domination of the tech scene — come down a few notches, die-hard Cupertino fans can still take some solace. Imitation, after all, is still the highest form of flattery.