Myspace “un-friends” 47 percent of its staff

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The quickly decaying social-networking site Myspace has laid off forty-seven percent of its staff, meaning that 500 employees — who are now out of a job — no longer have to lie on first dates about what they do for a living. The massive layoffs come amid reports that News Corp, the evil corporation that owns Myspace, is attempting to sell the website. 

In an anonymous letter to TechCrunch, a laid-off Myspace employee rails against his former bosses, claiming that executives demanded over-twenty-hour work days and even forty-eight-hour sleepless stints in order to save the site. The letter goes on to state:

"As it turns out, Mr. Jones and his lieutenants knowingly *used* their employees, working them hard, making them give up time with their friends and families, knowing all along that no matter how hard they worked, and how successful their efforts, many of them would be rewarded with layoffs."

The letter also claims that the execs received bonuses and promotions while preparing to lay off nearly half the staff. And I thought Mark Zuckerberg was an asshole.