NBC uses viral videos to promote “The Office” and “Community” season premiers

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Okay, guys: who told NBC about the Internet? Someone must have, because in the days leading up to the premier of their Thursday night comedy block (with 30 Rock, The Office, Community, and that stupid Outsourced show instead of Parks & Rec), the network is trying to harness the power of YouTube and Twitter to build anticipation. (I imagine the word "viral" was used as every part of speech in the development meetings.) First, here's the cast of The Office doing a lip-dub:

Now, here's a Community-themed remix, which is actually a corporate-sponsored sequel of sorts to an actual viral Community-themed remix. That should make me feel kind of icky and sad, but I love this show so whatever:

And if that's not enough, NBC has also announced that there will be a "prequel" to the Community season premier (with guest star Betty White) on Twitter. Basically it will be a conversation between the character's NBC-created Twitter accounts. If you're interested in seeing it (reading it?), you'll have to follow all of these:

Canny, NBC. Very canny. But how about you just back away from the computer for a little while, okay?