Nerve Dating poll: How long would you have to know someone before traveling cross-country with them?

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Crossing America can be a doozy. (Remember the Donner Party?) Nerve writer Rachel Krantz took a road-trip with a boyfriend of five months. Obviously, taking a road trip with a loved one, a liked one, or a merely tolerated one is a big decision. Curious, we asked Nerve Dating users how long they'd have to be with someone to consider crossing the country with them.

It turns out that, on Nerve Dating at least, spontaneity and possible recklessness beat caution. 40% of poll-takers said that they'd only need one month with someone to want to go the extra few-thousand miles. These adventuresome sorts commented, "Really, it's not how LONG I've known her, but how WELL," "The way I look at it, you'll find out real quick if you're a good match," and "or less [than one month] — this is an adventure, not a marriage." Sweetly, one commented, "This is just the sort of thing I would want us to be able to do well together."

"Three months" and "six months" were tied, both taking 24% of the votes. One of these slightly hesitant Nerve daters/road-trippers responded, "I've learned that people can be a Cracker Jack box of surprises. You think you know someone pretty fast… but actually, no."

Finally, people answering "a year or more" accounted for 12% of the results. Maybe they really like to take it slow, or maybe they just don't like peeing into a Mr. Pibb bottle in their mom's Honda Civic as Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis zoom by in the next lane and fly off the top of a mesa. Still, we think they're missing out. Cautious living doesn't leave you with very many good stories.

Want to meet the road-trip partner of your dreams? Nerve Dating has already cased the passenger seat.