Netflix announces price hike for subscribers

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Netflix announced yesterday that it's raising prices by nearly sixty percent, and will be separating streaming and DVD subscriptions into two separate entities. Effective September first, streaming and DVD services will be offered separately for $7.99 apiece. Previously, combined streaming and DVD subscriptions had been available for as little as $9.99 per month.

Naturally, upset customers are taking to the internet to vent their rage over the change in prices, (correctly) pointing out that the company's spotty streaming selection isn't necessarily worth its own separate subscription price. The Washington Post writes, to the surprise of few, that "several people seem to have 'liked' the Netflix page [on Facebook] only to share their displeasure with the company."

On the one hand, their prices always did kind of seem too good to be true, and people on the internet are way too hasty to get up in arms about nothing. On the other hand, more than doubling your prices without adding any new services is a pretty lame move. I'd call the whole thing about even.