New app, WhereTheLadiesAt, shows you where they are

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where the ladies at

A new iPhone-friendly web-service,, was introduced this weekend at the Tahoe Tech Conference. The service answers the question posed by its name: it crawls foursquare check-ins for female first names and then calculates, um, feminine density. Basically, it's like Grindr for straight men, except it's less about meeting up for random sex, and more about stalking women through grocery stores and shopping malls.

The modern world is all about choices. This app just gives an added piece of information to the enterprising, web-savvy young lad: essentially, breasts per square foot. So now, when you're trying to decide where to go buy that book for your mom's birthday, you can do a quick search and choose the shop with the highest number of lady-shoppers — unless, of course, the neighborhood Barnes & Nobles happens to be crawling with a huge group of men named Tracy.

Right now, the site itself seems less active than its Twitter feed (which, as you can see above, consists entirely of hilarious "Found Them!" tweets), but I'm pretty sure its real. It was founded by Digg's Jeff Hodson and Path's Danny Trinh, and, unless I'm totally wrong, seems destined to fare well.