New “dating” site stole info from 250,000 Facebook profiles

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You might just be a member of the new "dating" site Don't remember joining? Well, that's because you didn't. And neither did its 250,000 other members. Plus, it turns out none of them will find love either, because the so-called match-making agency is actually a giant internet art project, and a super-creepy one at that.

Basically, Lovely-Faces is a database of thousands of names and profiles cobbled together from publicly accessible Facebook pages. Profile photos were then analyzed and grouped by characteristic traits such as "easy-going" or "smug." Users can search through the profiles, but seeing as there's no actual way to sign up, the only way to contact people seen on the site is by clicking through to their actual Facebook pages and messaging them there. And what could possibly go wrong with that?

According to the sites' founders Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovic, the goal of Lovely-Faces is to illustrate "how fragile a virtual identity given to a proprietary platform can be." Well, at the very least they've succeeded in giving you even more incentives to update your privacy settings.