New study shows that internet use really does affect memory

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woman on laptop

In a rare victory for techno-phobes and self-righteous Luddites of the world, a new study indicates that spending time online impacts the way you retain (or don't retain) information. A team of researchers recently led subjects through a series of memory experiments, and subjects who believed they'd be able to retrieve facts again (i.e. Google them) were far less likely to actually remember the information. 

“Participants did not make the effort to remember when they thought they could later look up the trivia statement they had read,” write the authors of the study. They were also more likely to remember what folder on a computer they could use to find information again rather than the actual information itself. “Human memory is adapting to new communications technology,” said the leading researcher.

So you heard it here first: the internet is making us all intellectually lazy. What's next, people spending more time on the internet than they spend with actual people?! Oh, wait.