New Tumblr alert: Classic album covers with kittens

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We've all thought it, sitting there in our adolescent bedrooms, going through the eerie and mysterious years of puberty, earphones firmly on to ward off the nagging sounds emanating from our parents' lips to do our homework or else we're going to end up being a no-good, dead-beat bum just like our uncle. Music was our one saving grace, so we'd use every part of the animal, not only delving into the lyrics and rhythms of the sounds themselves, but also carefully investigating the physical album, the liner notes, the artwork, the album cover. And who among us didn't, at some point, think, "Man, I wish that this album cover had kittens on it."

Well, friends, that wish is no longer unfulfilled. Thanks to one charitable and artistic soul, we have The Kitten Covers, a Tumblr devoted to editing out the disgusting "people" images on your favorite album covers and replacing them with adorable kittens. This, frankly, is why Al Gore invented the Internet in the first place. Step aside GIFs of Popular Rappers, 3eanuts and the recently-created Yelping with Cormac, there's a new sheriff of blog town.