New Twitter, English 50 Cent, softens 50’s rough edges

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50 Cent's actual, verified Twitter account is a terrible place. Really. Take a look. Can you believe what he said about Serena Williams? Jesus.

Some enlightened soul decided to give 50 a grammatical makeover, and we're liking it. Out with the slurs, in with the "doth" 's. This beneficent young person takes 50's own tweets, retweets them, and writes his/her own interpretation. It's worth pointing out that 50's more offensive tweets are left untouched. (Even internet strangers who impersonate 50 Cent don't want to totally impersonate 50 Cent.)

These are not the opinions of

The most impressive part? These were all in succession. No cutting and cropping the funniest ones, this is just one big chunk of high-brow humor.