New Twitter feed exploits crazy, pathetic text messages from your ex

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The internet is perfect for taking other people's moments of heartbreak and vulnerability and turning them into jokes. Twitter jokes! There's a new conceptual twitter feed on the field and it's called Texts From My Xes. And, yes, it's as pathetic and hilarious as you think it's going to be. The feed is composed of the insane and desperate texts the author and his or her friends have received from their crazy, likely-intoxicated exes. Some gems include:

My AA sponsor says I shouldn't talk to you anymore.

In case you're listening to this voicemail first, please disregard the first 13. I was angry.

i can't quit you. i realize that's a line from brokeback mountain but it's honestly how i feel right now.

you were more fun when you were skinny anyway

If you have some amazing examples of your exes unstable communication, you can email the owner at and submit your own. Just resist the urge to send your own ex that angsty, overwrought message you've been mentally crafting, lest you appear on this shameful feed. Remember, I told you to delete his or her number. This is why.