Norm MacDonald starts a book club on Twitter, might be elaborate hoax

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I don't trust Norm MacDonald. He's one of those comedians who are insanely funny but have enough crazy in their eyes to make me nervous. Maybe growing tired of endlessly being hilarious on late-night shows, Norm has started a book club on Twitter.

The first book to be discussed is All the King's Men and the discussion will start on June 23rd. This is all seems innocuous enough; the picture Norm has chosen for the Twitter account is a cute cartoon worm wearing reading glasses and the interest seems legitimate. But I'm not convinced. Have you seen Norm's roast of Bob Saget? Something is afoot and soon Norm will be laughing (or more realistically, smirking) at all of us for falling into his literary trap.

Or maybe he's really into books and wants to share his scholarly passion. That's pretty cool. Would you join Norm's Book Club? Or like me, are you suspicious of the man who so brutally mocked Courtney Thorne-Smith's involvement with Carrot Top to her face that she never returned to Conan O'Brien's show?