North Korean hackers mock Kim Jong-Il with his own Twitter account

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Kim Jong-Il

This ain't your grandfather's Korean War. Last week, a group claiming to be affiliated with a South Korean website hijacked the Youtube channel and Twitter feed operated by the North Korean regime. The hijackers were able to post a video poking fun at the ruling family's lavish wealth and also managed to fire off some incendiary tweets before the content was discovered and removed. 

Unfortunately, internet access in North Korea is still restricted to just a few thousand prominent citizens, so the hack is unlikely to have had much effect — or even to have been seen by — the average North Korean citizen. 

For those who aren't already devoted followers of Uriminzokkiri — the North Korean news station where the video appeared — the internet was kind enough to save a copy of the clip before it was taken down. The video is in Korean, but impoverished peasants being splattered by rich kids in Lamborghinis seems straightforward enough to transcend language barriers.