Now even Hugh Hefner is planking

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Hugh Hefner, perhaps trying to take his mind off being abandoned by a vapid Playmate who almost pulled an Anna Nicole Smith on him, has joined the ranks of the playful who indulge in the visual meme we call planking. After presiding over a tantalizing Playmate group-plank (my favorite plank yet), Hef was inspired to lie still on one of his own sumptuous tables as the shot was captured for posterity.

If you believe that by the time Hugh Hefner jumps onboard a cultural meme it usually means that that meme is about to be shark-jumped, you may not be wrong. It would be like Lawrence Welk or Steve Allen planking back in the day. When I first heard about owling, the act of crouching like an owl for no good reason, I thought, sure, why not. But then came deucing, the act of crouching down and pretending to drop a you-know-what. Is that what Heisman Trophy-posing and Madonna's voguing have bequeathed us?