Old Visa commercial with Christina Hendricks has net buzzing

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When someone rings the Christina Hendricks bell, you know the Pavlovian reaction that ensues. So its no wonder that the hottest office manager to ever lord over the secretarial pool at Sterling Cooper would be making Mad Men junkies drool over a Visa commercial from 1997.

The old spot for the Visa Check Card features a younger, slimmer Hendricks working at a tea-service booth in a futuristic, high-security facility, and speaking with a British accent, as Pierce Brosnan, in his James Bond persona, approaches her to buy some caviar. The appearance of Brosnan and Hendricks in the commercial together makes for an interesting retrospective coincidence, as the two are currently co-starring with Sarah Jessica Parker in the recently-released romantic comedy, I Don't Know How She Does It. (I know. That title.)