Oreo sets Guinness record for Facebook “likes”

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Oreo, which has sold over 491 billion cookies since its introduction in the early twentieth century, is keeping its name in the public consciousness by engaging in a clever social-media gambit: setting the Guinness world record for most Facebook "likes."

Since no current record existed for the unusual feat, Guinness World Records created an arbitrary benchmark of 45,000 "likes" within a twenty-four-hour period. Oreo began their record-setting attempt this morning by asking their 16.7 million-strong Facebook fan base to click on the little thumbs-up box. Oreo has tallied more than 66,000 "likes" as of this posting. According to Famecourt, Oreo is the third-most-engaged brand in social media, after Starbucks and Coca-Cola.

This is the second high-profile use of Guinness as a marketing ploy this month. Mitsubishi previously posted videos on YouTube showing their Outlander and Outlander Sport vehicles setting five new Guinness records in one twenty-four-hour period. Time will tell if anyone steps to the challenge of being more "likable" than Oreo's cream-filled goodness.