Outed GOP chairman Ken Mehlman mocked via Twitter for entire plane flight

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Marc Maron twitpic with Ken Mehlman

Comedian Marc Maron (of the fantastic podcast, WTF With Marc Maron) found himself sitting on a plane next to former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman yesterday, who recently was in the news for coming out as gay after spending years running the homophobic Republican party.

Maron decided to live-tweet his entire trip. He recorded everything; when Mehlman slept, what he ate, a conversation about the Iraq War, and an odd moment where he photographed his nipple:

Marc Maron TweetMarc Maron TweetMarc Maron Tweet

Marc Maron Tweet

He even got the former GOP head to admit that he thinks Christine O' Donnell is a bit of a nut.

marc maron tweet

Gawker started following the tweets mid-flight, and by the time they landed, it looks like Mehlman realized what was going on. Maron promises to talk more about what happened after Mehlman found out on his upcoming podcast.