Pancake rapper video going crazy viral

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The internet's hottest phenomenon (meaning the last twenty-four hours) is undeniably Mac Lethal, a white Kansas City rapper who apparently likes to spit rhymes auctioneer-style while cooking pancakes. In a new YouTube video uploaded yesterday, the stovetop Chet Haze gives us a lesson in preparing flapjacks, and envisions beating up Chris Brown in an MMA fight, all while rapping over the beat to Brown's own "Look at Me Now."

Despite the "batter-spatula" rhyme, the video reached the top of Reddit's front page, and has already surpassed one-million views on YouTube. Mac Lethal already had a healthy Twitter and Facebook following before his overnight success (having toured with Atmosphere), and now the "brand" has added another weapon to its arsenal: Texts from Bennett, a new Tumblr which serves as a clearinghouse for Lethal from which to post texts from his seventeen-year-old gangsta-wannabe cousin Bennett. (The texts are actually written by Lethal himself.)

Even if the pale, hirsute rapper's flow hadn't been tight, he still would have gotten points for referencing fellow viral sensation, taxidermist Chuck Testa. Lethal better pop that Cristal now, before he's inevitably supplanted by a rapping pug come Monday.