Upscale French fashion chain La Redoute found itself mastering l'arte des excuses aujourd'hui (whatever, I got a C in French in high school), after accidentally running a photo of a naked man on their website (NSFW, obviously). Eagle-eyed online shoppers were astonished to see the man in the background of the photo (again, NSFW), which depicts four young children frolicking on a beach in La Redoute swimwear. How do you say "OMG PENIS BOMB OMG IT'S A PENIS IT'S A PENIS!!!!!" in French?

Although the inclusion of the nude man in the photo was clearly unintentional, La Redoute shoppers reacted to the gaffe in customary Gallic fashion, taking drags off their Gauloises, rolling their eyes almost imperceptibly, and saying, "So what? It's a penis. Now excuse us while we make terrible rock music and drink red wine without getting teeth stains." And by that I mean they reacted exactly as Americans would: by taking to Twitter and expressing their outrage at the presence of the (as yet unidentified) nude man in an ad geared at children. "SCANDALE!" one user wrote, while another tweeted that the nudity was "un deuxieme Fail pour La Redoute."

In response, the company issued a swift apology for the incident on Facebook, promising to remove the picture from its website. But the message to take from this is clear: no matter what part of the world you're in, if you're not a consenting subject or an exhibitionist, it's probably best to avoid hanging out with your wang out in the vicinity of camera bulbs.

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Jan 05 12 - 12:57am
Dick Son

Ah, French stereotypes. Always good for an extra line of crap or two. We all have quotas to make, right EJ Dickson?

Jan 05 12 - 11:13am

The internet is ruining France.

Jan 05 12 - 11:37am

Does this look like a newspaper to you?

Jan 05 12 - 12:03pm

Yeah, that's totally not as clever as making a bad pun on the writer's name.

Jan 05 12 - 12:27pm
Sleep Son

Yes, but do you think it can be turned into a whole article?