Photographer snaps people and their fish doppelgangers

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You look at a disgusting, beady-eyed rat and become fearful. Or look at a cockroach scurrying across your bathroom floor and, besides a shiver of disgust, have a strange admiration for the survivor. And a photo of a dodo bird will still make you melancholy. But a fish? Look at it and feel nothing. There's no PETA-led protest to get us to adopt them, and even the staunchest vegan will "accidentally" eat the occasional tuna-fish sandwich. They are the lowest of the low. And that's because, more than any other creature, simply because of their inability to share the air we breathe, they are the furthest from our species. Or are they?

In a photo series entitled Evolution, photographer Ted Sabarese spent time searching out people and their aquatic look-a-likes, leading to some amazing shots. Sabarese's deeply political and philosophical reasoning for such a series:

With all the recent, fiery controversy between evolution, creationism, intelligent design, science, religion, the political left, right, etc., I thought it might be provocative to throw my visual two-cents into the ring. The images beg the question, is it really so difficult to believe we came out from the sea millions and millions of years ago?

And, sure. That's all well and good and everything. But the main point of this post is, hey, here's a bunch of people who look like fishes!