Pippa Middleton’s ass gets its own satirical web series

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Pippa Middleton's ass, which usurped all attention from a certain cohort of royal-wedding watchers, is apparently just too important and aesthetically pleasing not to remain in popular consciousness. So artist and satirical photographer Alison Jackson, who is fascinated by the cult of celebrity and once shot a controversial series of photos featuring Princess Diana lookalikes, has embarked on a new project capitalizing on the posh posterior of Kate Middleton's younger sis.

Jackson has created a weekly video series (which can be found on her website, called "How To Create The Perfect Pippa Bottom" for those wishing to emulate Britain's most famous bum. Of course, the real Pippa would never deign to participate in such a low-rent web series, so her lookalike butt double may ironically end up having a superior posterior anyway. Said Jackson:

"I held auditions for a Pippa Middleton face and a separate Pippa bottom. It took several casting sessions to find the ideal bottom double, Gabriella Parris. We will be putting her bottom through various exercises — pilates, squats and leg raises, to show the world how to achieve a Pippa-perfect posterior."

Everyone knows the Pippa butt craze is on its last cheek, so why not say farewell to the most overrated behind to ever sashay down the aisle at Westminster Abbey by watching P-Middy's ass doppelganger get some toning electro-shock treatment?