Pippa Middleton’s ass is inspiring Facebook fan pages

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After all the pomp and pageantry of the royal wedding, a certain younger sister of the bride has people talking, and not because of any faux pas or crazy hat. No, fashion types and others are buzzing about Pippa Middleton's form-fitting, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen-designed dress, and the way it focused attention on her derriere.

We could say she was the caboose that brought up the rear of her sister's train, if we weren't above that kind of thing here. The bottom line is, multiple Facebook pages paying homage to the maid-of-honor's backside now exist, not least of which is the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society, which has thousands of fans and is already hawking merchandise, such as "Queen of the Ass-tocracy" t-shirts.

Kim Kardashian and J. Lo may be welcoming the brief respite from junk-in-the-trunk watchers, as Pippa now has the most famous butt in the world. Hayley Phelan of Fashionista published a piece entitled "In Praise of Pippa (Especially Her Bum)," and fashion blogger Susie Bubble, in a very English tweet, wrote: "It has to be said…I'm a tad jels over the pertness of Pip Middleton's arse…" This was some high-level show-stealing that Jenna Maroney of 30 Rock could appreciate.