Queen Elizabeth’s panties up for auction

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Queen Elizabeth underwear

Finally, some royal-related news that isn't about Prince William and Kate Middleton… and is about panties! Courtesy of recently deceased Miami playboy "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi (whose mansion provided the set for parts of Deep Throat), a pair of Queen Elizabeth II's fancy, fancy underpants are now up for auction along with much of the "Baron's" estate. And this isn't even the first time something like this has happened: the Queen's skivvies are being sent to the same auction house that sold off a pair of Queen Victoria's unmentionables back in 2008, and sellers are hoping to match the selling price they got last time, around $9,000. Yes, $9,000 for a pair of used, slightly stained, high-waisted underpants. Glad to see the economy's bouncing back?