Check out the funniest internet reactions to the anti-SOPA blackout

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During yesterday's web-wide blackout, hilarious comments and memes popped up all over the internet, confirming the fact that we'd all be lost without the internet. Ranker's got a nice selection that proves that internet censorship is fertile ground for comedy.

Angry Twitter user and probable twelve-year-old Hannah Johnson posted this yesterday, after a failed attempt to cheat on her homework. 

"How am I supposed to study for my history final when fucking congress passed a bill that took down wikipedia?"

— Hannah Johnson (@HannahBanana172)

The list goes on and on, with outstanding commentary from Patton Oswalt, Philosoraptor, and Rob Delaney. 

Good news zitballs! We beat #SOPA Now we won't have to go outside & look at a tree or kiss a girl!

— rob delaney (@robdelaney)

I hope the internet goes black every day, because the resulting memes will keep me personally entertained for hours and fill my head with exciting scientific facts. (For instance, did you know a group of five-plus ducks is called a Hitler? #FactsWithoutWikipedia) Finally, now I can use Encarta '95 without the attached weirdness and guilt.