Rebecca Black documentary is fun (fun, fun, fun)

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As a very early Christmas present to the Internet, author/essayist Jon Ronson — otherwise known as the guy with the soothing Welsh accent who sometimes contributes to This American Life — has released a short documentary about Rebecca Black's "Friday" video. The short film, which is part of a series called "Esc and Ctrl" about people who try to control the Internet, features producer/songwriter Patrice Wilson and Benni Cinkle, a.k.a. "The Girl in Pink" dancing awkwardly next to Black in the video.

In the clip — which, oddly enough, does not feature Black herself — Wilson comes up with a viral music-video concept for Ronson, which he describes as "a bit of Vanilla Ice mixed up with Craig David." If your first thought after reading that was, "Well, that sounds awesome," you will be pleased to know that it, in fact, is. It's even more awesome to watch Ronson listening to Wilson's song; his expression can best be described as the product of incredulity and disgust having violent hate sex. 

Ronson also gets Wilson to admit that it took him about thirty minutes to write "Friday." If your first thought after reading that was "Yeah, that sounds about right," consider Bob Dylan's long-held claim that he wrote "Blowin' in the Wind" in under ten minutes. Is the difference between high-brow art and low-brow Internet sludge a mere third of an hour? This is one of the questions that Ronson does not address in his video, which you nonetheless should watch below.