Reminder: Today is National Unfriend Day on Facebook

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You still have time! Last week Jimmy Kimmel called on us to trim the "friend fat" out of lives on "National Unfriend Day," arguing that no one on Earth can actually have 500 friends, let alone the thousands that some people have on their Facebook profiles. Here, why don't I just allow him (with an assist from William Shatner) to give you the full speech:

The man has a point, though axing people on a social-networking site can be surprisingly fraught. (The only time I ever did so was when I looked at the profile of a friend from elementary and found out he had become a teensie bit of a white supremacist. No thank you!) Now the day is here — is anyone actually pruning their Facebook circle? I am not, but that's because I am so terribly lazy when it comes to Facebook. Let me know if you've decided to trim your friend list and what your criteria were for making the cut.

(Also: "Pruning my Facebook circle" sounds way too much like a euphemism for masturbating for it not to be commented on.)