Rosie O’Donnell voted worst talk-show host of all time

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Last week, opinion website Sodahead asked the question, is Rosie O'Donnell the worst talk-show host ever?, allowing readers to vote for either the new Oprah Winfrey Network host or six others. The results are now in, and in a landslide consensus, 61% of voters agree that, yes, the woman who mentally scarred many for life with her leather dominatrix gear in Exit to Eden is indeed the worst talk-show host of all time.

Following Rosie in the voting was her former View co-host Star Jones (who O'Donnell had once accused of having gastric bypass surgery), Jerry Springer (who recently said criticism of his show was "class warfare," but what do you expect with one-legged transvestite catfights? But hey, who else can say they have an opera named after them?), Wendy Williams (not the equipment-destroying, Mohawk'd punker), cornpone Oprah discovery Dr. Phil, Pat Sajak (who obviously found his pot of gold on Wheel of Fortune), and Jenny Jones (remember her? The one who started out looking like a Poison groupie?).

The love for the tough-talking O'Donnell which was there in 1996 at the beginning of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, has obviously evaporated. It was there again in 2006 when she joined The View, but she eventually became too polarizing and mutually agreed to a contract cancelation, leaving the tough-talking to fellow Noo Yawker Joy Behar. Chevy Chase, John McEnroe, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Rick Dees, and Bonnie Hunt, you can all breathe now.