Scarlett Johansson says no to Marine Ball invite, sends booze instead

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Scarlett Johansson

Well, not everyone can be as cool as Mila Kunis, or as willing to go on a date with a stranger from the internet. Thanks to Kunis' much-hyped acceptance of a soldier's YouTube invite to the Marine Corps Ball, servicemen asking out celebrities is apparently now all the rage. Scarlett Johansson is the latest to get a video ask-out to the Ball, and though she had to decline due to "prior" commitments, she said she was "incredibly honored" at the invite and praised Sgt. Dustin L Williams' "cheeky talent for film-making."

Oh, and she also sent him an entire case of champagne as a consolation prize. Not too shabby! With any luck, he'll end up wasted enough that he might just think she's there anyway. In any case, heartwarming gestures all around. Check out Williams' original invite below: