Scrabble for Kindle is really, really popular

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Scrabble for Kindle is really, really popular.

Scrabble might be the cockroach of old-timey board games. Despite all the hurdles that Father Time throws its way — aviation, Nintendo, poor eyesight, iPhones, laziness, Scrabulous — it persists. Except here's the thing: Scrabble rules and cockroaches drool. Just ask Kindle users: the ancient Hasbro game rocketed to become the top-selling item of Amazon's e-reader platform mere days after its release.

As the LA Times reports: 

On Sept. 24, Scrabble for Kindle launched. On Wednesday, the $4.99 Kindle Scrabble — created by Electronic Arts for Hasbro Inc. — is the No. 2 bestseller in Kindle books, after having reached No. 1 earlier in the week.

This is, of course, something of a misnomer — Scrabble isn't a book, it's a game. And this addresses the larger issue: Is Kindle an e-reader? Or does it want to be something more?

It hasn't even been a week, and the Hasbro classic is already sending electronic devices into a major identity crisis. Guess you can't call it a HasBeen, amirite, bro?

Sorry. To make up for that lapse in judgement, watch this vintage clip from Scrabble's old TV game show: