See an amazing GIF wall of Oscar losers’ reaction shots

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Go ahead and hit save on whatever you're working on at the moment, because you can pretty much call it a day right now. The ever-amazing Rich from FourFour has done us all a great service as we head into Oscar weekend, and it's one that seems so perfect and obvious in retrospect, it's hard to believe no one thought of it before. He's captured reaction shots of our screen idols (and some people you won't remember) losing the Academy Award over the years and compiled them all into one marvelous GIF wall. It's kind of majestic: a quilt of deflation, forced smiles, real smiles, and a testament to how many times Meryl Streep has been nominated without winning. (Seriously, though, she sells her joy at other people's success every damn time. You can't even play the "Is she actually a wonderful person or just a great actress?" game with her, for obvious reasons. Streep will forever be a mystery.)

I obviously can't reproduce the whole thing here — do yourself a favor and head over there to see the whole thing — I will share with you one of my favorites, which finds Sally Kirkland in utter disbelief that she lost to Cher:

The lip pursing, the tongue clucking, the almost-completed eye roll… And then you can pinpoint the exact moment she remembered there were cameras on her. Seriously, you can't buy this kind of entertainment, folks.