See former-SNL cast member Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman in “Bestie by Bestie”

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It seems like the yearly Saturday Night Live cast purge always includes a promising young female cast member who was sadly underused during her time on the show, and this year was no different. We here at Scanner (as with the rest of the Internet) were sad to hear that Jenny Slate, one of our favorite additions and noted F-bomb dropper, wouldn't be returning for the thirty-sixth season. Which is, in a word, lame. (Really, Slate was not used to the best of her abilities. But this is SNL we're talking about, so I guess I shouldn't expect perfection.)

Luckily, Slate was relatively well known before she joined the show, so that gives me hope that she won't just disappear from pop culture. According to her IMDb page, she's going to appear in the second season of Bored to Death, which is something. And she can now go back to making hilarious videos with her friend and comedy partner Gabe Liedman! This video is the latest in the web series "Bestie by Bestie", and Gabe and Jenny take on the questions, "What's wrong with books?":

Thank you, Internet, for helping correct SNL's mistakes.