See the twenty rudest cities according to Foursquare

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Based on the percentage of user tips containing curse words, Foursquare has compiled a list of the world's rudest cities. Okay, so they only included cities from English-speaking countries. (Though would it really have made a difference if they didn't?)

But I'm not sure I buy their definition of rude. I mean, say a bar has marvelous drink specials and really hot patrons. Is it really rude to say, "This place is fucking awesome?" No, that's just rightful enthusiasm. So really it reads more like a list of the cities with the most expletive-worthy locations — positive, negative or otherwise.

Gloomy Manchester, England leads the pack, followed by goddamn El Paso, Texas. Though if you're really looking to curse your heart out, head west to California, as a whopping seven out of the top twenty cities hail from that state.