See “Who Is Arcade Fire??!!?,” a Tumblr of post-Grammy Awards internet anger

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Some salient points raised by the denizens of Twitter and Facebook with regards to Arcade Fire and their Album of the Year awards: the band doesn't have as many top-ten hits as Lady Gaga, Rosie O'Donnell has never heard of them, they are fuggs [sic], and other albums have apparently shat on theirs and continue to do so. Also, lots of people think the band's name is actually The Suburbs. I know I'm convinced the band didn't deserve the award now.

And if you thought that legions of teenage girls would be pissed about that Bieber snub, just wait until you see the confusion Arcade Fire's win caused in Dog the Bounty Hunter:

You heard it on Twitter first, everyone: the Grammys hate famous people. And you can check out plenty more of the ire and misspellings over at Who Is Arcade Fire??!!?.