“Sex Sells” is the Flickr stream for the worst in sexist advertising

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Sexist curves ad

Many men don't realize how difficult it is for some reason to flip through a magazine or drive past a billboard without seeing something that's undeniably insulting to women. That's why we're glad Flickr user woman_objectofdesire has a great, 34-page Photostream up.

It's called "Sex Sells" and captures hundreds of pics (615 at last count) of women being used in degrading ways in advertising. As many of the images are from international publications, you'd be forgiven for being slightly relieved that America isn't the worst culprit here… then again, it's nothing to get high and mighty about. 

Sexist billboard

Woman on the toilet

Note the fine print on this one: "Men don't want to look at naked men." Uh, thanks, jbs, "men's underwear."

Sexist album cover

Let's not forget that naked women often feature on the covers of records. However, I guess we can't fault a guy who recorded his live album at a sandwich shop.

Topless bathing suit ad

Leave Lily Tomlin's stand-in alone, Ron Rico!

Here's the PETA ad that Copyranter called "Maybe the best PETA ad ever (though it still features a topless woman)."

PETA ad 8 seconds