Check out which word was declared the “best English gift to German language”

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A group of language experts in Germany have declared "shitstorm" to be the nation's "Anglicism of the Year," calling the bit of English profanity the "best English gift to the German language."

The German linguistic jury defines shitstorm in the figurative sense: a "public outcry, primarily on the internet, in which arguments mix with threats and insults to reach a critical mass, forcing a reaction." Presumably, the literal, more scatalogical definition has yet to catch on in Germany.

"Shitstorm fills a gap in the German vocabulary that has become apparent through changes in the culture of public debate,” said the linguists. "Shitstorm" was widely used in Germany in reference to the Greek financial crisis and a major German plagiarism scandal. 

In second place was 'Stresstest,' or the "analysis of banks' financial strength during the European financial crisis." Also on the list was 'Occupy,' presumably from the American 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. (You might assume 'Occupy' was also in the running for the 1938 'Anglicism of the Year' due to Germany's own 'Occupy Europe' movement. In reality, the Anglicism of the Year contest is only in its second year, after being organized by linguist Anatol Stefanowitsch in 2010.)

What German words are you most grateful for as an English speaker? Schadenfreude? Sauerkraut? Post your favorite German loan words below.