Sinead O’Connor uses her website to find anal sex partners

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Sinead O'Connor

Joining the time-honored tradition of people sexually embarrassing themselves on the internet, Sinead O'Connor has begun using her website to search for men that want to sleep with her, and more specifically men that will be into anal sex. "Am in desperate need of a very sweet sex-starved man," the singer wrote and continued:

"I've been repeatedly asked will I 'do anal sex.' Let me make it very clear… Any man I contemplate has to be into anal sex… yes I 'do anal' and in fact I would be deeply unhappy if 'doing anal' wasn't on the menu […] So if u don't like 'the difficult brown'… Don't apply."

She goes on to speculate whether her "dream man" Dave Chappelle is "single and likes the backdoor" and at one point updated, "Crying now. All alone. Saturday night. Every ugly bitch in the world is gettin' porked but me. : ("

O'Connor has since tweeted that she's "happy to be [a] weeny insect chipping away at Ireland's sexual repression," and on the one hand, her lack of inhibition about her sexual likes and dislikes is admirable. On the other hand, is this really information the general public needed, or for that matter the best method for breaking a dry spell?